All You Need Is Love

LOVE is Aveda’s newest composition oil for your body, bath, hair & scalp. The “love” aroma was originally created in 1980 by Aveda’s founder Horst Rechelbacher (1941-2014). His inspiration for the aromatic oil was the ancient Greek concept that love can be felt in 4 dimensions–SPIRITUAL, FAMILIAL, PLATONIC & EROTIC.

LOVE’S sensual aroma is a blend of certified organic botanicals that was inspired by the original, and is a tribute to Horst who revolutionized the beauty industry with his environmental mission. Horst’s commitment to the National Audubon Society for projects that fight climate change and protect wildlife will receive $4 U.S. from every sale.

The ingredients for LOVE have been sourced with the same deep love and respect Horst had for the Earth–essences of indigenous-collected sandalwood and certified organic vetiver, frankincense, jasmine, and certified organic jojoba oil.

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