Smooth Infusion’s latest launch is a styling creme that nourishes hair and helps fight frizz in intense humidity. Unlike other products in the Smooth Infusion line, this cr√®me is for both curly and straight-haired clients.

The hair can be air-dried or blow-dried to keep loose waves, but regardless of your hair texture it will keep your style smooth all day. The key botanical ingredient is certified organic cupuacu butter, it acts as a barrier to protect against moisture loss.

The cupuacu is sourced from trees native to the Amazon it grows symbiotically with other trees and crops, which makes it ideal for agroforestry systems that help reforest clear-cut lands and replenish nutrients to the soil.

For best results apply to towel-dried hair‚-less is more with this creme so start with less then a dime-size amount for medium-length hair and work in more if necessary. Heat is not required and your hair can air-dry if desired.


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