Pure Privilege Promos October / November 2014

I spent the past few days just relaxing and doing things like organizing my closet and doing the odd laundry you never do. I washed my oven mitts people!

It was amazing.

Whenever I have a few days like this I realize that I am not taking enough time for myself. Its funny how I realize that today after taking a bath with so much lavender I smell like everyones grandmother!

Im SOOOOO relaxed and focused. Why don’t I always do this for myself? Oh yea I own my own business, just finished ten weekends of ¬†a 200 hour yoga teacher training. I also¬†somehow find time to cook dinner 5 nights a week (from Scratch) Thank god for home chef. (Its a timesaver I love it. I never have to go grocery shopping.)

All that and more…We are all so gosh darn busy!

It creeps up on us. Im sure this euphoric feeling of rest, relaxing and smell of lavender will all fade in a few days. If not sooner depending on what life will throw at me this week.

We all need to take more time to do the little things for ourselves.

Take the time to do the little things. Thats what I came up with to help you guys all get a little time for yourself or just treat yourself to a bath with lavender.

Throughout the Month of February we are offering many ways to love yourself a little. For starters when you buy $100 in gift cards (for yourself of course) We gill give you a $20 gift of whatever Aveda products you desire. I recommend Stress fix bath salts (thats what I just took a bath with) If thats not your thing, the stress fix roller ball could do the trick. We will be standing by to help you choose.

Then you can use that gift card to have a facial or a pedicure (we can use the lavender in that too) You can always just save it for your next visit but whats the fun in that. Go for it!

If you have never tried one of our Spa services here is a link to save $25 your first time.

Also throughout the month of February you can pamper yourself with a…
$14 Brow Wax
$14 Botanical Therapy Treatment
$14 Mini Makeup Application

I know that I need to take time for myself more often. I know how hard that can actually be. I hope I can help some of you to slow down and take some time to love yourself!

Cheers to a great February.
Make it Good!
Yours in service,

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