Valentine’s Day 2016

Dirty Hair? Clean it up!
Ever wished you could revitalize your hair without the whole shampoo process? With Aveda’s new dry shampoo from Shampure, your wish has come true. The powder formula will leave your hair looking and smelling freshly shampooed.

The non-aerosol powder mist is 99.8% naturally derived; natural powders, including cassava and oat, absorb any excess oils you produce and lifts them away from the hair; and the calming Shampure aroma with 25 pure flower and plant essences refreshes all hair types and textures and leaves your hair smelling freshly washed.

Shampure’s dry shampoo will be available November 1st and will retail for $30. The non-aerosol packaging design will help deliver a mist of powder so you can control how much you need with each application. You will squeeze the bottle to dispense the powder and aim the nozzle in the direction of the area you would like to work on. I recommend addressing the roots first and working it through with your hands and pulling some through the ends. How much you use will depend on your hair’s needs, so some days may require more than other depending on the cleanliness of your hair

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